Cafe Chloe, on the corner of 9th and G, may be our new favorite neighborhood restaurant. (Too bad it's not in our neighborhood...) Mike J., friend, surfer, former Cisco dude and future accupuncturist attended the fete, wallowing as we did, sharing our entrees with delectable sauces, a single glass of fine wine, and tongue-stiffening velvety desserts. (Try the Pot de Creme: Schwang!)

Why the splurge? Last night we toasted an enormous milestone in any true American's life, one which everyone aspires to but few achieve: The Varmint and I, ladies and gentlemen, are verifiably, unquestionably, joyously DEBT FREE. (Suck that, First USA! Who's YOUR daddy? Huh? Huh? Who's YOUR daddy now!?!!)

We are out frumunda! Breathing the sweet free fresh air of the financially unencumbered. We're rapturous. We're independent. We're masters of our own destiny, once more. Wheeeeee!


Yeah, I know. The clock is ticking. We live in San Diego, which means we'll be going into debt, buying something large, unwieldy and painfully adult soon enough, I've no doubt.

But for now? For now I'm wanting to strip naked, paint my body green, strategically apply dollar-bills and run through our bank chucking rose petals at the manager. Let me enjoy our moment of freedom, people.

(And to answer your snarky question: Yes. We paid cash for the dinner. And don't go acting like you didn't think it.)


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