Noah and the Flood

 This is Noah. Noah lives in Smell-ay. He is the son of my good friend Jacqueline. Noah is also a rock star in training.

Sunday morning. Noah sits in front of his breakfast. Suddenly, his small body convulses and he is wracked with a Sneeze of Monstrous Proportion. A violent facial tsunami erupts and several litres of saliva, snot and tears shoot out onto the plate in front of him.

His food soaked, he blinks once, twice, three times. He then picks up his fork and calmly continues eating, totally unfazed. Needless to say, the Varmint and I were mightily impressed.

So let us be first to throw down a fingerless leather glove and fire a warning shot across the bow: Look out Ozzy... There's a new rocker in town.


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