Movie Madness

Shan and I are obsessed with movies. On average, we see between six and twelve per month.

Our mailman lobbed a good-natured grumble our direction yesterday saying, "Them red Netflix envelopes is always in yer mailbox - don't even need ta see the dang flag ta know."

How We Choose Our Flicks
Our general rule is that we follow directors over stars. Some faves: Almodovar, The Coen Brothers, Eastwood, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Sayles, Kevin Smith and Wim Wenders. But it's also true that we have our quirks. As my good friend The Sallivator once said, "You two will watch anything." Well, Sal, you're right. We will. And sometimes, we'll even watch really bad stuff, on purpose - and like it.

For me, it's a direct result of years of getting paid to see and review movies. When you do it for a living, you see between two and six movies per week, which sounds great - 'til you realize that

1) you don't get to choose what you see and

2) the suckfests outnumber the bearable 10 to 1.

I built up a tolerance.

Fetishes, Foibles & Confessions
These days my particular weakness is for anything teen-chick related. Sometimes you just need to curl up on the sofa, get zombie and let the alpha waves do their thing. And since 99% of all teen movies use the same formula, they are highly relaxing. Plus, a rental's cheaper than a yoga class (with the added advantage that I don't have to smell other people's flatus).

Sometimes teen flicks will surprise you, though - it's how I found great films like "Bring It On" (that's the pic, right) and "Mean Girls."

The Varmint's weakness is different. If you've got dwarves, swords, dragons, or wizards involved, he will freeze in front of the screen and not move til it's over. If he catches even a glimpse of dragonwing on the screen after foraging for snacks and, say, is on his way back to the office to wrap up some work - he'll stop mid-stride and watch it standing up, holding his soggifying bowl of Cheerios, mouth agape. The clank of armor is like a siren song. He can't resist.

We both share a sick compulsion for monster, superhero, fantasy and sci-fi flicks. Can't help it. Don't want to. Love, Love, LOVE 'em.

Pre-Emptive Absolution There. You now know the The Varmint's and my cinematic achilles heels, which is more than I can say for the crap movie reviewers that inhabit the dank dark Hole of Shit Journalism that is, for the most part, The San Diego Union Tribune.

(Sorry to my friends who work there, for you are many, but you also know I'm right: Many of you have told me so after one too many whiskeys during lunch.)

I felt this level of disclosure was warranted, prior to my setting up shop so The Varmint and I can tell you what we think about the films we see. This is something we'd like to do on occasion.


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