Last Night's Dinner - Thai Basil Chicken

Welcome to the new One Good Life featurette - Last Night's Dinner.

Here's how it works: When we've enjoyed a particularly tasty meal, we'll post the eats, the recipe (and perhaps a lovely scan of the leftovers in a Pyrex bowl) - all for your inspiration. 

This meal is particularly awesome, because once you've got the ingredients, preparation is a snap - and you have loads of beautiful, bountiful leftovers. (Leftovers are treated like gold in this household... hoarded, hidden and gloated over. Consider yourself warned.)

Stir-Fried Thai Basil Chicken & Vegetables


3 tbsp. vegetable oil 4-12 garlic cloves, chopped up good

3 tbsp. freshly chopped ginger

2 splats of chili paste

1 lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut into bite-sized hunks

2 tsp. fish sauce

1/2 c. green onion, sliced at an angle, 1" pieces

2 tsp. dark soy sauce 1 tsp. sugar

2 handfuls of fresh basil

1 handful of cilantro

4 cups colorful veggies of your choice (we went with red peppers, broccoli, green onion + carrots)

2 cups jasmine rice



1. Oil up the wok, throw in the chili, garlic and ginger - don't burn it, just get the oil all flavored up

2. Throw in the chicken, and a few of the onions - stir it up til the chicken's no longer pink, about three minutes

3. Throw in the veggies. Add the fish + soy sauce and sugar. Keep stirring, and don't let your spouse distract you with really bad TV - even if Pamela Anderson is talking about having a "natural look" and you can't stop snorting - about 4 minutes, til everything is steamed up and nicely cooked. Turn off the heat.

4. Throw in the fresh basil and stir it in.

5. Spoon the goods over hot jasmine rice.

Toss on the cilantro. Voila! Beautiful, healthy food, which as you can see, makes killer leftovers.



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