Hey, Hey, Hey - It's Sally J

This is a picture of Sally playing with my niece, Livia. I took this picture about five minutes after she arrived at my house on Saturday from the airport.

Sally's also known to my friends and family as Sal, Sally J, SalPal or, more frequently (and especially when we're in public), The Sallivator.

You know how it is: There are those friends that move to a new city and you say "sayonara" and move on. Then there are friends like Sal, where after nearly 15 years, 3 cities, a stint as a bridesmaid, a divorce, a half-dozen job changes and a zillion plane trips spanning the western coast of the US of A, you know you'll be there for each other, no matter what.

The older I get, the more I realize: Who you choose as your friend only increases with importance. Partly because you're building life-history with them, but also because the ones that stick are going to be around for a long, long time. So, in my book, they sure as hell better not be boring. A

nd if Sal's anything, it ain't boring. There would be antics to discuss, involving wigs, San Francisco, a pickup truck - and a most unfortunate incident with a stranger's crotch - if I were to air any dirty laundry here. So I won't.

Because frankly, she's sleeping in the other room as I write this and has been working out and would, I'm fairly sure, be able to kick my ass. Suffice it to say, she's a woman of extremes and I like her like that.Mosaic.jpg

Take today for example. After she's had a chance to de-harpy (Sal's definitely not a morning person), she's teaching me how to professionally tile a vintage coffee table. (See a sample of her previous work, pictured at right.) We'll break for lunch in La Jolla, then walk our asses off (hopefully literally) around the coast, gabbing the entire time. Later tonight she's going to relax with a girlfriend and her kids up in Solana Beach.

Pretty tame stuff from a woman who grinds the beating hearts of lacksidaisical members of her double-digit workforce between her Prada-clad boot heel and the cold, hard pavement of unemployment.

While I'm happiest on her good side, that's Sally's big secret: Yeah, she's a badass in the boardroom. But she's got a super-soft nougaty center for the rest of the people in her life, so you'd better play nice. She doesn't want to have to wrestle you to the ground and sit on you while laughing maniacally and shouting "Who's your mommy? WHO'S YOUR MOMMY?!" - but she will.

Won't she, Livia?


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