Gobble Gobble - 2005

The usual day of gluttony, guilt and remote control wrestling ended up a bust. Nope.

Instead, it was pretty much a joyful, Norman Rockwellian affair, just a little bit angstier and neurotic and with a lot more volume. Two hyper boys and one oversized padded tube-toy will do that to an event.

A new innovation this year: Mom set up the Parking Table, where you could park the platters that had been passed around, providing extra table real estate. TrajanTube.jpgThis gave elbows room to swing and rest impolitely-but-comfortably on the table - and boobs half a chance to remain bonk-free during wine pourings and plate exchanges.

Suspiciously, there was no orgy of consumption this year. We each had one large, but responsible serving. My guess is that since everyone cooked, everyone snacked. That, and we were all saving room to eat as much of Justin's pies as humanly possible.

I confess that The Varmint and I ate stuffing for the previous night's dinner. Plus, we ate the risotto for lunch. Did I mention that? That The Varmint cooked enough risotto to feed the construction workers next door for a week?... But that's a moot metaphor, because the construction workers would have to get through me to get to the risotto.

And we all know that's not happening. I'd be forced to go Tasmanian Devil as soon as they stepped one workbooted pinky toe toward my refrigerator. We're talking about leftovers. Precious, sweet delicious leftovers.

And these? These are Holy Grail-type Leftovers, to be precise, of the form, texture and quality that allow them to actually improve with age. These are the leftovers in the same family as soups, stews and casseroles - but even better, because ... oh, yes. They are risotto. Risotto that my Cheerio-chugging husband took nearly an hour to make with his very own hands and never even burned once.


Anyway. What was I saying? Oh yeah. Thanksgiving: Good.


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