Coincidence (or The Universe, Smacking That Ass)

 Monday night at Masuo’s in Solana Beach there was a brilliant birthday party for a shining beacon of a girl I’ve never met. Her name is Margo. We brought her a haiku and a gift of blue-and-white striped Oompa Loompa socks with rubber monkeys on the sides saying, “CHEEKY MONKEY.” (We’re classy like that.)

That picture you see up there is of Margo and her husband, Chris. Why were The Varmint and I invited when we’d never actually met Margo? Do you remember yesterday’s feature - the Small Town San Diego discussion? You’ll find part of the answer there.

The rest of it is pure mind-numbing weirdness. It’s a long story involving 15 years, 3 cities and 6 people who met separately, became good friends and/or spouses independent of the group – sharing inner-circle adventures in different combinations, geographies and eras.MargoBirthday.jpg

We stumbled on the “Oh my God, are you kidding me’s?” when Chris and Margo moved to the San Diego area after years in the LA music business. Margo used her birthday to cosmically realign the universe and bring everyone together. I met her for the first time Monday night. I've known her husband for more than 15 years. The connections involve large parts in crisscrossing chapters in different people's lives. I won't bore you with the details.

Seriously though, in the world of coincidence, this story would rank a 10.5 - if it weren’t happening in San Diego. Because we reconnected here, though, it gets an 8.

OF COURSE WE WOULD ALL MEET HERE. No one else under 40 lives in this town, right?

Tam + Margo + Sally + Chris + Shannon + Mike = Apparently destined to hang out in perpetuity, amen.


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