The World's Smallest Jimmy Buffet Fan

Meet Ethan, also known as Godzilla. (Yes. We call him that in front of his mother, Deb, whose knuckle-dragging arms and debilitating chiropractor bills render her unable to refute the truth of this assessment.)

Ethan is enormous in both scale and personality. See those dimples? Those are not Photoshopped in there, people. This is a baby whose sunshiney personality has made me think twice about getting fat, lugging around a parasite for nine months and squeezing the watermelon-sized result from my tiny little body.

Additional points for Ethan: He rarely cries. From my experience, he gets upset when 1) you take food away from him too soon 2) you haven't prepared food fast enough, or 3) he's requesting more food.

Wise people that they are, Ethan's parents are ferreting away money now to help supplement the feeding bills during his teen years.

Bon apetit, little man. Bon apetit.


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