The Firecracker Starfish Experience
It's pretty safe to assume that if you're from San Diego, traveling to Boise, Idaho implies you have a fairly compelling reason for going. I've made many trips to Boise, each with the same, extremely compelling purpose: Reconnecting with my best friend, also known as The Ubermegan. The Ubermegan: Lost in transition. This time, The Ubermegan, a personality so uber she's usually ober, was feeling bleakly, blackly unter. Her beloved husband has apparently been replaced by an evil cyborg. I will refer to him here as The Poop. As cyborgs go, The Poop's a shockingly substandard model. He does, however, have a very retro shag exterior, so there's that. All in all, I look forward to the day we trade him in for a new Dyson vacuum cleaner. Like The Poop, the Dyson sucks. The difference, of course, is that you can trust the Dyson to perform as it promises. Why else would you spend $500 on a vacuum? Had the sinus infection, antibiotics, ensuing gut-clenching ass-afire allergic reaction to those antibiotics not been factors, my timing for the Boise trip would have been perfect: The trees were decked out in an orgiastic, eye-zinging farewell to foliage and the endless lungfuls of crisp, clear air perfumed with chimney smoke were a nice bonus. Unfortunately, the majority of my sightseeing consisted of watching sweat droplets fall on bathroom floor tiles. I barely made it home alive. Damn you, Zithromax! I did, however, manage to take some shots of the more charming bits of Boise, the fabulous Ubermegan and Offspring of Ubermegan between sprints to the john and pharmacy.
Boise, downtown.
Albinos like road trips, too.
Autumn berries.
Traveling oasis, baby.
"Gimme that cracker."
"Look, how many times do I have to tell you, if you're not a Girl Scout, don't ring the bell?"


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